And it upsets me that as I record this video #wewillalwayssupportyoujustin is trending on twitter. I wish all the people who were tweeting that right now would be forced to send a tweet to explain to Katie’s family in 140 characters or less why they would quote always support someone who would do something as fundamentally selfish as driving drunk.

- Josh Sundquist [x]

As sorry as I feel for her and her family, you need to stop. For one, he was not the one behind the wheel that killed her and two, he wasn’t even drunk. A blood alcohol level of 0.014, for his size/age, is basically like he had a mouthful of a beer at most. He was not drunk so please stop acting like he was to blame for your friend’s death.

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“How do you feel about having older women at your shows?”

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Favorite personal photos of Justin Bieber

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Beauty and a beat, Manchester

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Justin Bieber Visits The Voice at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

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